additional vertex measurement mode


it would be very useful for me, is there would be an additional vertex measurement mode: I’d like to measure multiple single length with different start points of each measurement. At the moment, the multiple selection vertex measurement uses one point after the other. But I’d like to add the measurements of e.g. 5 different lengths with 5 different pair of start and end-points. Normally, I know, this can be done with the edge measurement, but sometimes the length I want to add is no edge !
Do you understand what I mean?
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Sam Plees Answered question 24 April 2019


Thank you for your suggestion. Yes I understand your question very well :). We have extension of dimensioning options on the “to do” list, eg positive dimension / negative dimension (length, area, volume). Based on that functionality you will be able to perform the operations you mention. Estimated time of completion – next year.

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Kate / BIMvision Team Changed status to publish 27 September 2018
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