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Multiple Measurement, delete one measurement

Hi, I would like to delete one single measurement in a set of many multiple measurements. I only see how it works for the last measuremrnt, but I want to delete any. Should be possible, shouldn't it?...

9 February 2021 2
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Multiple Tooltips in IFC Comments / Topics

Hi, it would be a very nice feature, if I could add multiple Tooltips to a single Topic (IFC comments plugin). Like you can do with Sketchup. Example: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiHGkUXtbPudiaItph2TsYeMHYrKjA...

30 October 2018 2
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Great, with Version 2.5.0 measures are saved now. Thanks !

24 September 2018 2
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additional vertex measurement mode

Hello, it would be very useful for me, is there would be an additional vertex measurement mode: I’d like to measure multiple single length with different start points of each measurement. At the moment,...

13 September 2018 2
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Plugin: gallery / saved views

Hi, is it possible to print out all saved views of a .BVF file? (gallery plugin) This would be very very useful... Best Reagrds, Michael

17 April 2018 2
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Hi, still waiting for a solution... for more than 3 months now. I paid for these plugins, but they don't work as promised ! You said, that version 2.18 should remember the measure with the plugins Gallery...

7 March 2018 2
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Measure are remembered by plugins

Hi, the new version 2.18 should remember the measure with the plugins Gallery and IFC Comments. In my version, the measure is only remenbered with the Gallery plugin. The IFC Comments ( still...

13 October 2017 2
12 October 2017 10
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