What is the size limit for an IFC file; other extensions in the future?

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After some practicing I still had some questions left:

  • Is there an advice for which size of IFC models can be maximally checked? 200, 500mb?
  • Can all *.IFC files be viewed? Or only a specific sort of ifc extensions?
  • Is it in the future also possible to view other extensions like *.rvt?

Hello, answering all your questions:

There is no limit to model and IFC file size for BIMvision in 64bit version (exception hardware limitation),

All IFC2x3 and most of IFC4 files be viewed (ICF4 is in developnent). There is no IFC extensions, all new classes become standard in subsequent IFC releases (we read most of them). If you have any file that is not read correctly, please send it to us.

We do not plan to support other formats than OpenBIM