Dear BIMvision-Team,

We really like your Viewer and usually recommend it as independent viewer to our users, who use it to check IFC received from third-party software as well as IFC exported from our own Software: Strakon.

With an increasing usage of IFC4 we keep getting complains about failures in our IFC-export, that actually turn out to be representing-failures in BIMvision (see attached image – at least I was told it was uploaded successfully, although I can’t see it):

1) BIMvision fails to represent IfcArcIndex as an arc, but creates to straight lines connecting the three points defining the arc. This results in a column with square-profile instead of circle-profile for example.

2) BIMvision seems to not recognize object-color defined via IfcStyledItem, IfcSurfaceStyle, IfcSurfaceStyleShading and IfcColourRgb:
#21 =IFCSWEPTDISKSOLID(#20,4.,$,$,$);
#22 =IFCCOLOURRGB($,0.8039215803146362,0.8039215803146362,0.8039215803146362);
#25 =IFCSTYLEDITEM(#21,(#24),$);

It would be great if you could fix these two issues, so BIMvision will stay the best viewer available and we can keep recommending it to our users.

Kind regards

Jochen Bisier

DICAD Systeme GmbH

Anna Changed status to publish 14 July 2020