I can’t view my exported IFC (from Revit)

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Hi. I’ve exported every version of IFC (from Revit 2019) and all I can view from those is the land (geographic) but not the buildings. What am I doing wrong? What version of IFC is needed? Or is there any environment setup required for me to view Building Model in BIMVision 2.20 ?

Anna Changed status to publish 19 July 2019

Minimum divice requirements for BIMvision:
PC / Tablet with Windows 7 or newer
1 GB of free RAM
Dedicated video graphic card with installed drivers (at least OpenGL v 2.1)
50 MB of free hard disk space
For automatic updates Internet connection is required
PDF browser for viewing help files

IFC 2×3 and IFC 4 are supported.
If you could send us the file, we might check what is the reason of the issue.

Regards, Anna

Anna Edited answer 19 July 2019
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