Help for plugin development : drawing functions

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I’m developing a plugin for BimVision using the SDK. I’m using the C# .NET classes in VisualStudio 2017. I am encountering some trouble and I hope this forum is the right place to ask this question. If not, can you tell me where I can find someone or some documentation to help me ?

I’m trying to Draw Elements with the drawing methods that are proposed but I got no result at all (no answer from the console). I tried to use the DrawShere() , DrawPoint() method in the OnDraw() event but no results neither. Does somebody have a clue to help me ?

Many thanks,

Guillaume Vilain, France

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Please download API SDK again (we have updated it) and use exe from it (or change only functions are used below  – GetClickedPos – in your version of BIMVision.cs, those functions work in old version of BV).

Probably you forgot about relative position concept used in BV.



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