Help for plugin development : drawing functions

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I’m developing a plugin for BimVision using the SDK. I’m using the C# .NET classes in VisualStudio 2017. I am encountering some trouble and I hope this forum is the right place to ask this question. If not, can you tell me where I can find someone or some documentation to help me ?

I’m trying to Draw Elements with the drawing methods that are proposed but I got no result at all (no answer from the console). I tried to use the DrawShere() , DrawPoint() method in the OnDraw() event but no results neither. Does somebody have a clue to help me ?

Many thanks,

Guillaume Vilain, France

Anna Changed status to publish 30 January 2019


Please download API SDK again (we have updated it) and use exe from it (or change only functions are used below  – GetClickedPos – in your version of BIMVision.cs, those functions work in old version of BV).

Probably you forgot about relative position concept used in BV.



Anna Changed status to publish 30 January 2019
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