Can you switch to display units in Imperial? (Feet/Inches)

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All of the work we do is in Imperial(Feet/Inches and Pounds/Ounce). Is it possible to switch the units displayed when we measure to that format?

Anna Answered question 2 April 2020


You can already change the units. Please go to Measurement -> Value -> Quantity Survey -> Choose unit system. You will find there: metric system, imperial system, US customary units.


Kate / BIMvision Team Answered question 20 June 2018

To follow up on the original question, the US customary units option just displays dimensions in feet. Is there a way to pick just inches? A supplier is sending me ifc models of fabricated steel connections and things like bolt diameters and plate thicknesses that are fractions of an inch would be much easier to read in inches than in feet.
Thanks, Jason

Anna Edited answer 2 April 2020

Hello Jason,
The mentioned option can be added, but we would need some time for it. It would be best if you sent us a sample file that will help us customize the program option to your expectations. Please send it to via email or WeTransfer.
Best regards,

BIMvision Team

Anna Answered question 2 April 2020