Segments of a Cylinder

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we have a problem with cylinders and other curved surfaces/solids.

the cylinder is giving us a “faceted” circumference.

is there any way to change this?

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Please go to  “Advanced options” and change parameters. I believe that it will help.

This options is available in main menu and it allows change parameters for geometry generation. Many geometry elements in IFC are defined by parametric representation (i.e. rounded columns) so viewer creates their approximations using given count of segments. You can set viewer to generate different elements with different accuracy (i.e. reinforcing elements do not need same details as rounded walls).

• Circle profile segments – used in objects defined as profile extruded by an axis or a path, (segment count for full circle – 360 degrees)
• Parametric curve segments – used in extrusion paths, curved profiles, (segment count for full circle – 360 degrees)
• Solid of revolution segments – used in objects defined by revolving a planar surface or a curve about an axis (segment count for full circle – 360 degrees)
• Profile rounding segments – used in profiles with rounded corners, (segment count for quarter circle – 90 degrees)

Please note that changing this option can increase memory requirements and generation time. It also affects drawing performance, when you use too high segment counts and have large number of parametric objects.

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