IfcTypeProduct and Entity Name

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Hi dear BIM Vison gurus,

It is apparent to me that the ifcTypeProduct value and the ifcEntity Name are handled in as a common Property.
Would it be possible to separate them?
It is crucial to be able to select/ filter objects based on their “Types”. Not their instance Names, nor their Predefined TypeProduct, but the User defined Types and Styles (doors and Windows)
Is this currently possible and I’m missing something? or it is not possible at all?
If not, would you consider it? I’m investigating the option to build a plug in, but the ability to get easy access and identify elements by types is fundamental.

Thanks in advance

Nando M.

Anna Changed status to publish 5 August 2021


Thank you for your report. Right now it’s not possible, but we’ll implement that ability. We’ll contact you as soon as it’s done.

Best regards,

BIMvision Team

Anna Changed status to publish 5 August 2021
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