Hello BIMVision team,

We have been using BIMVision to view enriched IFC files for sometime now, and we have an issue with the version 2.21.1.
The issue is, when we add an IfcPropertySet to an IfcBuildingSystem (that we added ourselves to the IFC file), it crashes, simply by clicking on the element in the grouping view tab. As you can see in the screenshot, it gives a runtime dump, we thought we had a problem with our enrichment process (which might be true), but we found out that it works just fine in BIMVision 2.19 and 2.18 (the ones we have so far), and it works when we don’t add an IfcPropertySet to the IfcBuildingElement.

We hoped you could give us some insights about the issue.

Thank you, regards.

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