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We predict that it will be the first quarter of next year. Now we are involved in two big internal projects: checker plugin and a powerful solution to export data from IFC model to Excel. Both have priority...

4 December 2017 2
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Measure are remembered by plugins

Hi, Thank you for your comment. We are in the process of verifying the problem you have identified. We will try to solve the problem ASAP. BR Kate

1 December 2017 5
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Handle BIMVision from external application

Hi, You can write a .net.com plugin and control BIM Vision using this plugin.  BIM Vision is not a library but a stand alone application.    

1 December 2017 5
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Activate plugin

As far as I know, all Artex plugins have been activated.

1 December 2017 5
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Implementation of 3D mouse

Navigation with 3D mouse is not implemented jet, but we are working on it.

1 December 2017 5
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What is the size limit for an IFC file; other extensions in the future?

Hello, answering all your questions: There is no limit to model and IFC file size for BIM Vision in 64bit version (exception hardware limitation), All IFC2x3 and most of IFC4 files be viewed (ICF4 is...

5 September 2017 5
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Access the model through the software

Answering your question - No ( Neither DATACOMP nor anyone else can access the model through the software). Only when you have some problem (question) you can  of course send us your model to check (find)...

31 August 2017 5
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I would like to know if the software is free for private companies or just for personal use?

BIMVision is for free to use as a viewer for private use and commercial use. If you would like to extend your functionalities, please go to the store for plugins - store.bimvision.eu - and check if you...

30 August 2017 5
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